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BIO-Q is a portable mineral alkaline water producerWhat's BIO-Q and Its Benefits?

BIO-Q is a portable mineral alkaline water producer. BIO-Q produces water with a health quality that's close to natural water, which contains essential and rare earth minerals. BIO-Q mineral rocks contain anti-bacterial properties and produces nano-clustered water for superior absorption by the cells in our body. Nano Clustered Water enhances cellular hydration, increases nutrient absorption, and improves cell to cell communication. BIO-Q water has a similar effect to anti-oxidants, which neutralize the harmful free oxygen radicals in the body. BIO-Q's activated alkaline reduced water enriched with minerals gives water a delicious, clean taste. BIO-Q water is not only suitable for direct drinking but also for cooking, coffee or tea, and mixing with baby milk powder. In clinic tests BIO-Q has also been observed to possess anti-cancer and anti-diabetic health properties (see R&D). BIO-Q is an ideal way to maintain good health by drinking mineral-enriched and health-enhancing quality water everyday, anywhere and anytime.

Dr Won H. Kim, inventor of Bio-QMessage From The Inventor Of BIO-Q, Dr. WON H. KIM, PhD. Biochemistry, Oxford University, UK

" I'm Won H. Kim, currently a professor at the Department of Biochemistry of College of Medicine in Korea, and author of several books, including The Living Water. I invented the BIO-Q, which is a special combination of elements and mineral stones to produce Alkaline Reduced Water enriched with well balanced essential minerals. BIO-Q also contains special torsion field with healing power. Any water placed in contact with BIO-Q can be turned into 'Water of Life' within a short time. BIO-Q is an abbreviated name for Minerals with Information and Natural Energy.

Prior to inventing BIO-Q, I researched into electric ionizer and published a book on electrolyzed reduced water. While I found electric ionizers were able to produce water that's effective for treating chronic diseases, I discovered that the same water contains the memory of electromagnetic waves which are harmful to the human body. That was the starting point for me to research and develop a new way to produce health-beneficial alkaline reduced water without the use of electricity.

I also discovered that mild alkaline water is much more beneficial to human health than stronger alkaline states achieved by many electric ionizers on the market. BIO-Q produces mild alkaline water with mild reduction potential. Moreover, BIO-Q has special torsion field with healing power.

BIO-Q is not a medicine for specific diseases. Rather, BIO-Q boosts the bodies ability to overcome diseases by itself. By changing any water into alkaline reduced state and enriching it with essential minerals, BIO-Q protects our body from external stresses and disturbances. With BIO-Q water, the followings are observed: purification of acidified blood, enhancing of immune functions, reduction of active oxygen (free radicals) and good energy harmonizing within our body.

BIO-Q helps to fight against diseases resulting from low immunity and/or high reactive oxygen species (commonly known as free radicals). In animal tests, BIO-Q shows anti-cancer and anti-diabetic effects. In the USA, many women with PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) found relief from drinking BIO-Q water. In Mexico, BIO-Q is used by many people who struggle with obesity to improve their condition.

Water reaches every tissue of our body within 30 minutes of drinking. Water doesn't have any side effect. If the water we drink has health enhancing properties which alleviate and prevent diseases, then we just have to drink our way to good health! Now you can now do that, with BIO-Q. "

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About Alkaline Reduced Water

In his groundbreaking book "Your Body's Many Cries For Water", Dr. F Batmanghelidj postulates that almost all diseases are caused by the simple fact that we don't drink enough water. Dr. Abrams, author of "Smart Nutrition" cites the case of a schizophrenic elderly patient who was so dehydrated that ECT (electric shock therapy) could not work because he was too dry to carry a current, and yet he still lived. Dr. Theodore Baroody, author of "Alkalize or Die" takes the hydration argument a step further and says that we are dehydrated because we are acidic, and we are acidic because of the food we eat and the liquids we drink. He believes that we could protect ourselves from almost all major diseases by adequate intake of alkaline water.

We live in a world where it is easier to drink sugar loaded, caffeine based beverages than it is to get a good drink of pure water. We drink coffee and tea and mistake the adrenaline charge as relief from thirst. The biggest selling and most consumed soft drink is 10,000 times more acidic than our blood. Every time we take a gulp, our adrenals go berserk trying to cope. Even the water from our taps may be acidic and is most certainly positively charged and loaded up with energy that actually robs our bodies of electrons as it enters the body.

Yet there is an answer. It's called Alkaline Reduced Water and it's the water our body remembers.

Alkaline reduced water is far from new. In Grecian times, water was stored in urns of copper and brass to cause ionization. Whether they knew how it occurred or not we cannot say, but the water became clear and sweet due to the electrolytic reaction that took place overnight. Today you have the choice; to continue to consume water that has been processed, chemically altered and deconstructed to a form that bears little resemblance to that which fell from the Heavens, or use BIO-Q to produce alkaline reduced water with healing power.

On the pH scales, pure acid is pH 0. Neutral (neither acid nor alkaline) is pH 7. Pure alkaline is pH 14.

  • pH 7 is 10 times more alkaline than pH 6
  • pH 8 is 100 times more alkaline than pH 6
  • pH 9 is 1,000 times ore alkaline than pH 6

For a little perspective, a well known cola is pH 2.5, meaning it is over 10,000 times more acidic than neutral tap water, and 100,000 times more acidic than your blood (pH 7.4).

BIO-Q changes water to a mild alkaline level at pH 8.5 for optimal health benefits.

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Essential Minerals in BIO-Q

A unique combination of minerals is carefully designed into the BIO-Q to provide a range of important functions from alkaline reduction potential to increased antibacterial to softening and enhancing the taste of the water.

  A unique combination of minerals is carefully designed into the BIO-Q

Mg Alloy Produce alkaline reduced water very efficiently
Tourmalin in ceramic ball Soften water and contribute to the taste of water
Silver ceramic ball Strong antibacterial function
Pholopite in ceramic ball Activates water and radiate far infrared rays
Active carbon in pellet Absorb harmful organic components and improve the taste of water
Red clay in granule Release various minerals which are beneficial to human health and it also radiates far infrared rays


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Comparison with Electrolyzed Systems

Strong alkaline
Mild alkaline
Presence of minerals
Not much different from the original water before treatment
Rich with essential minerals that are health-enhancing
Maintenance cost
No cost
Can't be carried around
Easily portable
By filter change
Easy cleaning
Electromagnetic wave


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